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Emma was friendly and welcoming.

Me and my partner found the atenatal classes were very informative, providing us with all the knowlegde and tools before welcoming our baby into the world. Emma was very friendly and welcoming aswell as being very professional. We choose these atenatal classes over the standard nct ones as they were more personal and set over a 5 week period which suited our needs better. We also enjoyed the smaller group and liked the idea of supporting a local business. A smaller group has meant we have stayed in touch and become good friends with the rest of the couples on the course. We would definitely recommend Birth Bump and Beyond to all our friends, family and work colleagues.

We keep recommending it to everyone.

We can’t thank Emma enough for everything she did to help and support us with the training and preparation with our first pregnancy/birth of our son – we keep recommending it to everyone and truly believe that is the reason we had the perfect labour we had!

Thank You

Thank you very much for a hugely informative course! We feel much more prepared now.

Extremely Engaging!

We really found the course extremely engaging and informative. Feel very well prepared without knowing how unprepared we were before!

We graduated from baby school!

We absolutely loved the course, as first time parents it can be overwhelming with different books, websites and advice. This course covered everything we actually need to know and by the last session we felt much more prepared for baby’s arrival! We felt like we’d graduated from baby school ready to put everything into practice!

We really enjoyed the class.

My wife and I would strongly recommend Bump, Birth and Beyond, Horsham. Emma has been a massive help with information in the lead up to the birth of our first child and with advice afterwards. We really enjoyed the classes and are still in touch with the group who we can share and ask advice of.

No substitute for this course.

I would absolutely recommend the bump, birth and beyond antenatal course. I had read a lot online and also attended an nhs class but I would not have felt anywhere near as calm and prepared for the last few weeks of my pregnancy, labour, birth and the first days with our new baby if we hadn’t been to Emma’s classes. There’s no substitute for 12 hours with a practising midwife and being able to ask any questions. We looked forward to the class every week, partners were really included, the setting was cosy and comfortable and Emma was a friendly, caring face. It was great to meet other expectant parents too!

Really good information & support

Really good information and support! We are now looking into Hypnobirthing, thinking about our decisions more and doing our pelvic floor exercises. We found the breastfeeding session really good.

10 out of 10! Would recommend!

Emma was really great at explaining each topic and made our sessions really interesting and easy to follow. Catered really well to current circumstances, and always ready to help and offer support when needed. 10/10 would recommend!


A great way to meet new parents on a informative course which helped us on the adventure of becoming parents. Emma led the course brilliantly and It was very helpful being able to find out details about the local maternity services prior to giving birth

Excellent Antenatal Classes

My partner and I completed the antenatal course with Emma in November; a month or so before our due date. We had explored the different options I.e NCT or this course and felt that Emma’s sessions would be more hands on and personal. We also wanted to attend a course to understand the basics in all areas from pre to post birth, whilst making some new friends along the way. Emma did not let us down in this regard and we found the course really helpful, lighthearted and enjoyable. She would always be happy to answer queries, & we never felt silly for asking the simplest of questions. Having now had our baby previously knowing a lot about newborns, we have found the guidance invaluable. We also took part in the hypnobirthing add on, and I am very pleased to say that it really helped me through labour, the breathing techniques and affirmations meant I was lucky and needed minimal pain relief. It also helped my partner feel involved which we know can often be very difficult. We would like to thank Emma for her guidance and would highly recommend in the future.

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