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Antenatal Course - Leicester

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Tuesday 13 August 2024
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About this course

Our award-winning antenatal courses have been carefully designed by midwives to provide you with as much information as possible…… 🤔 Information you want to know and information we wish every child bearing couple knew when it’s time to meet their baby. You don’t know what you don’t know after all 😉

Our course is structured like this 👇

Week 1: Preparing your mind/body/psyche/life for birth and life leading up to the birth – things you can do to help yourself and each other emotionally, physically and practically.

Week 2: Getting into labour – whether naturally or by induction of labour. We discuss all methods and how long induction can take. We also discuss pain relief options.

Week 3: Birth itself. All modes of birth are covered in detail.

Week 4: Infant feeding: breast/formula/expressing all covered.

Week 5: Life with a newborn. Postnatal care, safe sleep, bathing, nappy changing, dressing, important health conditions and anything else people want to know ☺️

A free hypnobirthing course is included in the price.

A whatsapp group will be created especially for your group. This will be for information sharing and socialising. Feel free to use it however you wish. I will stay part of this group for 28 days after the youngest baby is born – with midwifery support and general advice and signposting.

You will be eligible to join our course “graduates” nationally on our Facebook support group.

We are exceptionally proud of the education we provide to our expectant parents and we are passionate about delivering the highest quality of service. 100% of participants would recommend our course to friends and family ❤️

Please note that we cannot provide clinical advice. You will be referred to your own midwife or maternity assessment unit.

Course schedule

Total of 5 sessions
Dates: Tuesday 13 August 2024 - Monday 22 July 2024
British Summer Time (BST)

Tuesday 13 August 2024
2 hours
Tuesday 20 August 2024
2 hours
Tuesday 27 August 2024
2 hours
Tuesday 3 September 2024
2 hours
Tuesday 10 September 2024
2 hours



Groby community centre

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